Web Server V/s Application Server

A Server is some kind of computer program which runs on a computer and provides different services to the client. A server listens for requests from the client on a specific port. There are several different kinds of server like Mail Server, FTP Server, Web Server, Application Server, Media Server etc, a good list of servers and … Continue reading Web Server V/s Application Server


JAVAEE Platform

As mentioned earlier, JavaEE is an Enterprise Edition of Java which can be used for creating web applications for supporting big & medium enterprises. In today's demanding world, companies are looking for cost, time & resource efficient approaches to application development. In order to reduce cost of development and fast track the development of an … Continue reading JAVAEE Platform

Different Editions Of Java

Java is a general purpose programming language It defines that it is a programming language which can used for creating variety of different kinds of applications for different purposes. For e.g. It can be used for creating Desktop Application, Mobile Application, Enterprise Intranet Applications, Web Applications and even it can be used for designing application which can provide … Continue reading Different Editions Of Java

What makes Java Platform Independent

Java is a programming language which is general purpose, robust, secure, platform independent, multi-threaded, concurrent , and secure. Java comes with JDK, JRE and JVM. JDK is a compiled version of platform dependent set of libraries which you can download from Oracle JavaSE website and install it in your machine to work with Java programming. Basically this comes with … Continue reading What makes Java Platform Independent