Different Editions Of Java

Java is a general purpose programming language

It defines that it is a programming language which can used for creating variety of different kinds of applications for different purposes. For e.g. It can be used for creating Desktop Application, Mobile Application, Enterprise Intranet Applications, Web Applications and even it can be used for designing application which can provide services to other client applications in other or Java Programming language. It can talk to variety of different applications using different protocols, and it can also connect to different types of databases.

Different Editions of Java

  1. Java SE :- Java SE is a Standard Edition of Java which provides features and tools to create Desktop applications using Swing and Web Applets. It also supports creating console based application or command line applications.
  2. Java ME :- Java ME is a Micro Edition of Java which can be used for creating mobile applications (Old Java Based Cell Phones, PDAs etc) and even Embedded Devices like (TV, Printers, or other such devices).
  3. Java EE :- Java EE is an Enterprise Edition of Java which can be used for creating web applications for supporting big & medium enterprises. It can be deployed to run in an Intranet and even Internet. It is mainly designed to create complex applications for medium to large enterprises. It is made up of different set of components, and it is also referred to as J2EE.
  4. Java FX :- It is a set of tools that Java Provides for creating Rich Client Applications, with great set of user interfaces.

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